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Pizza con Il farmaco! — the Italians say. Love to eat delicious pizza with meat, sausage, cheese? The number for the pizza place. Hello! Order a regular pizza at home, inexpensively, conveniently on the website. Choose from different variations of pizza that will delight your taste. Leave application, a matter of two minutes. The correct pizza. The delivery service is fast will bring you a hot pizza. Enjoy!

Pizza home delivery

The foundation of the pizza — the dough. One owner prefer to use puff pastry for pizza. Another great cook a base of yeast dough, fluffy and tender. Third, he prefers the dough for yeast-free basis. Pizza price. And if all three bases to use, alternate for cooking, always get completely different flavor cakes. Although the ingredients are the same: egg, milk, flour, salt, sugar, yeast, vegetable oil. A simple composition of foods, though always in different proportions. And when eat right work of culinary art. Kneaded the dough? Or want to buy a ready-made base here on the site? Pizza cost. The most delicious pizza dough: a glass of warm milk, four cups flour, a packet of dry yeast, half a Cup of boiled and cooled water, salt and fresh herbs to taste. Kneaded, the real thing? Now roll out a thin layer is the base for the stuffing. Continue to brush with sauce, of course everyone has their own - branded, suitable for mayonnaise and ketchup. Filling. Open the refrigerator and browsed, which of course will be combined to taste. Serious Dating

For example, cabbage and sausage or mushrooms and cheese, you can add pickles. Will be delicious with meat and sausage, definitely tomatoes. All of the above cut into small cubes, so delicious and spread on the base. On top of all liberally sprinkle with cheese. Infuse collected together a pizza. Waiting fifteen minutes, the pizza has risen. Now put in oven. While roasting at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius for approximately 20-30 minutes. Ordering pizza. See, the cheese melts in a preheated oven while cooking and coats all the products, connecting them together. The crust is already Golden brown it's time to take the finished cakes. You will realize that the product is ready, be specific captivating aroma of delicious pizza. A fragrant cake with heavy stuffing for an unusual flavor, though it seemed, cook a simple pizza. The cost of delivery pizza. Delicious pizza great option: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Suddenly descended guests, and you have the fridge is empty. Pizza with home delivery, it's easy. Or you don't have time to go home at lunchtime, have lunch in the office. Order cheap pizza delivery. Quick courier will not wait for you and your guests will arrive at the specified address is still hot and fragrant pizza. Pizza large. Cheese pizza, with sausage, with meat, with mushrooms, with tomatoes, with capers for every taste. Chose, place your order. In what business to invest

  1. Pizza to choose
  2. Fill in the application form on the website
  3. Checkout confirm on call
  4. To pay pizza the easy way
  5. To expect the product in no time
  6. Pizza with meat and sausage is delicious for lovers

How to order a pizza?

Very simple. Select most delicious pizza online: with cheese or with meat, with mushrooms or sausage. Fill in the order form specifying the number of pizzas and the view. Leave your phone number to contact you and confirm the order. Pizza with cheese and tomatoes is one delicious. Order pizza and rolls. The pizza man and quickly and quietly bring a hot pastry at. Cheese soaked in tomato juice is delicious and tasty, and pulls away from the meal. What to do if computer broke down

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