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Welcome to the website of the wholesale sales of fruit and vegetables in the city of Volzhskiy. Here you can make a wholesale order of oranges of different varieties. Where to buy wholesale fruits and vegetables. Using a special shape made all the deals. Convenient, cashless payment system allows you to order in just minutes without leaving the house. Delivery is done after payment on the address of the customer. Buy oranges wholesale in Volzhskiy cheaper and more profitable, especially for commercial purposes!

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From the history of orange

Before you buy bulk oranges in the city of Volzhskiy, You might wonder, how did this unusual fruit. Where to buy fruit and vegetables cheaper. So here is the first mention of oranges found in the writings that were written in ancient China in the II century BC, Then the oranges had a much greater role than today. If the young man gave an orange to a girl, it meant that he was ready to join with her in marriage. All because the fruit was a symbol of fertility due to numerous bones. However, in that era cultivated wild species, trees were the thorny, and the fruit bitter. Orange trees (orange) was brought to Spain by the Arabs in the 10th century, where they were in Sicily and in Italy. Buy fruit wholesale. Then bitter oranges used as a drug, and later from flower petals were able to "bergamot". Sold in Volzhskiy only sweet oranges. Since then, the orange began to buy wholesale supplements in French for perfume.

The most popular varieties of oranges

Traditionally today in the city of Volzhskiy most popular varieties of oranges is "Valencia" and "Washington Navel". Fruit berry buy. What is most interesting, America to the sort of "Washington Nevil" has nothing, the fruit brought in Brazil. Known to the sort of came due to the fact that it has few bones, he also average juiciness and owns a sweet-sour taste, a small negative – thick skin. The cultivar "Valencia" are mostly imported from Spain. Its distinctive features above grade are the same only the color of the pulp, which is bright orange with red spots. But Valencia have a thin skin and sweet taste. Oranges varieties "Ovale" is identical with "Valencia", differ only in the oval shape of the fruit. In the winter in the supermarkets you can find a variety oranges "Tarocco". Shop buy fruit. The buyer in Volzhskiy easy to choose, they own the red color and have a mild sweet taste. This variety is harvested from November to December.

Along cheaper

To buy oranges wholesale in the city of Volzhskiy can not only for commercial purposes. If You have a family routine to eat oranges to make juice, I always need fresh fruit. Delivery of fruit wholesale. How to buy oranges wholesale? It's very simple - you can negotiate in any forum with people with similar interests together and chip in on a bulk order, then equal batches goods to be delivered in Volzhskiy at the address. Read

The beneficial properties of oranges

The orange flesh has a beneficial effect on improving the appetite of a person in the city of Volzhskiy, normalizes the functioning of the esophagus. Daily consumption of oranges regulates the secretion of acids. Also, this fruit can be used as a preventive measure against various diseases of the abdomen. Buy fruit wholesale. If You like pork and other fatty meals, it's time to enter in your menu orange fruit, as it contributes to the rapid breakdown of fats. In folk medicine in Volzhskiy the fruit is treating ulcers of the mouth and different mouth infections. Your

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How to order?

In order to make an order oranges by the gross in city Volzhskiy you need to take action. It's very simple, when I selected the grade, to determine the quantity, in the special form make the order. Fruit vegetables wholesale. Then You call consultant for wholesale questions and clarifies all details of the transaction. His duty is to offer the best pricing options, to inform the customer about sales and special offers. After linking all the issues starts booting the machine, which will immediately be sent to your address. In the shortest time in Volzhskiy, You get a presentation of fresh oranges.


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