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Welcome to the site! Sell Solarium in the city of Arsenyev for individuals or beauty salons. Vertical Solarium reviews. There are two type of tanning beds: vertical and horizontal. After reading the article, you will learn the information about the product, its characteristics and recommendations for selecting the best solution for your business. The cost of equipment for tanning. You have a unique opportunity in Arsenyev to buy a deck at a low price, get a discount.

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Solarium — the cult fashion

Today the fashion to be tanned, and the skin had a nice tan, you just need to purchase the Solarium. Perhaps, this is the best sale in the city of Arsenyev for beauty salons and individuals. Cabin Solarium to buy. Any modern girl will be happy such a gift. A bit of history. The Solarium was invented by German scientists. They first proved that the optimal rate under the UV light helps to improve joint function and improve health. Today Solarium – cult fashion. Thanks to him, millions of women show a perfectly even fake tan with shades of bronze or chocolate. Thus they do not deserve to be the face of the cover of a fashion magazine, because after this procedure the defects of the skin can be forgotten. To purchase a home tanning bed sunshine. The face and body becomes soft, velvety, wrinkles are reduced and smoothed.

A kind of tanning beds

Selling two types of tanning beds: horizontal (supine) and vertical (stand-up). The first type of product is now less popular among "lovers" under the rays of ultraviolet light, as the power of the lamps is low, this means that the time spent in this miracle machine will be from 10 to 20 minutes. Vertical Solarium tanning how to. Lamp vertical Solarium allow you to finish this procedure in 10 minutes. The effect will be better times and the number of visits in Arsenyev will be reduced for multiple sessions. In the presence of a turbo Solarium equipped with powerful cooling system that allows to increase the daily rate of operation of the device and to avoid overheating. In addition, turbo Solarium equipped with music, radio, aromasteam, the opportunity to choose the type of tan. Home mini Solarium. Beauty salons in the city of Arsenyev for sale Solarium with a mirrored floor. It is the ideal solution for design, uniqueness of the cabin. Also the mirror will help your clients to create a softer tan.

Technology impact

As soon as the light rays affect the skin of the person, it starts to get Golden-bronze color. Solarium, according to scientists and immunologists, strengthens the immune system and improves stress resistance of the organism. All solariums in the city of Arsenyev differ from each other not only on the principle lying or standing, but also by the number of lamps. Solarium price per minute. You can enjoy the Solarium any configuration, capacity, choose quantity, power of incandescent bulbs and interior design. Products for tanning are compact. Quality – the success of any business, and this is especially important in the operation of beauty salons. Each sunbed has a quality certificate and passport of the operation of incandescent lamps and their replacement. Reference

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How to buy a tanning bed?

In order to buy a deck in the city of Arsenyev, you must apply online. Select the quantity and type of item, enter the additional functions, the preferred capacity and number of bulbs. To fill out the "Personal data", be careful, check the correctness of contact information, to enable the operator to contact you. Equipment for Solarium rent. In automatic mode, the website will calculate the size of your personal discounts, and will show the final price. Courteous personnel on the selection of tanning beds in Arsenyev will call you on the phone to confirm the order. You can ask him your questions. Took


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